Wellness & Fitness Retreats

 You work hard all year round, fantasizing about those few blissful weeks year when you can escape the mundane day to day life. Multitasking between your career, your family; whatever else little time you have for a social life.

Where is the YOU time? 

Maybe you can squeeze in a workout session here and there, but the thing that is suffering the most is the one thing none of us can live without… our health! Give yourself a break to refocus your energy and find your happy place.You’ve done the relaxing holiday with days spent lounging on the beach and nights filled with dancing & cocktails. A well traveled, experienced adventurer, who demands more and wants to feel great not only during but after their holiday.

You are the type of person who likes to stay fit whether the are on holiday or not. Wanting your holiday choice to reflect your healthy lifestyle. Fitness holidays are not just for the fanatics, the elite and the fitness aficionados. Everyone can have an active holiday and have fun at the same time.

People are busy nowadays, juggling everything on our plates. When you go on your holiday you want to maximize your time and come home feeling better.

Enjoy your holiday without packing on the kilos!

Instead of getting into shape for your holiday, why not do it on holiday?


Surf’s Up!

You know surfing does the body good, even beginners can see results in a short time. It doesn’t even matter if you can’t stand up on the board because even paddling into the ocean over and over is a killer upper body workout! Beyond the physical gains you’ll make there is also a burgeoning body of research that proves proximity to water can reduce stress and improve mood. Find surf serenity with daily private surf lessons on friendly waves on the shore of a dazzling beach.



Feeling centered after your Wednesday asana? Imagine devoting an entire trip to quieting the mind and working out your kinks. The relaxation benefits of yoga are minimized when you are forced to squeeze them into your hectic schedule. When you don’t have to rush to an early morning class or fight to find a mat after work, its easier to let go of distractions and be present. Extend the oms with an in-house post yoga massage, which could improve flexibility an recovery.



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