Personal Instruction
For new, continuing and experienced students.

Single Session              $45

Block of 3          $121 (10% discount)

Block of 5          $180 (20% discount)

Block of 10         $337 (25% discount)

To book your personal class, email or call (314)412-2478.

Special Offers

30 Minute Express Workout

A high intensity workout perfect for before work, lunch breaks, or those who don’t have much time Work Intensively and effectively in half the time

Single Session                 $25

Block of 4                     $65

Block of 5      $75 + get one FREE

Block of 12    $199 + get one FREE

30 Day Challenge

Lose weight, get fit, tone up in 30 days. Start the holiday season off right with a 30 day intensive challenge and end your year off on top of your game. Whatever your fitness, physical, or weight related goals, I will create a specialized package to help you get results. This program will help you keep those holidays pounds off and guide you towards making a lasting change within your body and within yourself. Let this season be the best of the year when you look and feel amazing.

8 Sessions       $350 (2 sessions per week)

12 Sessions      $450 (3 sessions per week)


Free initial consultation

Goal setting

Program design

Nutritional advice, tips, and guidance

Pre and post measurements

2/3 sessions per week

Additional training program if you want to work in your own time

To book your personal class, email or call(314)412-2478.


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