Aerial Yoga


Aerial Yoga is a wonderful complement to your mat practice. It unwinds fascial knots and tangles, quiets the mind, builds core-strength, and leaves your body feeling integrated.   The basic yoga principles of ahimsa (non-harm) and mindfulness are woven throughout the sequences. The hammock, like other props in yoga, is intended to assist alignment and deepen your awareness. The fabric becomes a learning tool and students often find “Aha!” moments that bring new life and understanding to poses they previously feared or fought to achieve.   In our classes we will alternate between practicing with the hammock and practicing on the mat to play with gravity in different ways and to stay energetically grounded.



Build strength and awareness of the core and body

Increased flexibility, balance and body alignment

Effective overall conditioning and increased muscle tone

Decompression of the spine through inversions

Complete relaxation

Mindfulness and breath awareness

Sense of fun, freedom and confidence



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