Throughout my life I have always been a wanderer, not even feeling quite at home…. always in search of the next adventure. The way I present myself has never been within the box. I don’t do this for attention I do this because it is me and I know no other way to be. It’s taken me a long time to accept and eventually learn to love the things that make me special.

This website, my style of practice is for those who may feel the same. Those that know they are wild at heart, that there is a fire in their belly that they don’t necessarily want to change, but want to learn to love and ignite. All of us have the ability to exude strength and power, but that does not mean we have to forsake kindness or empathy.

Come journey with me, join my tribe, whomever you are inside or out allow your soul to roar!

“You’re going to meet many people with domineering personalities: the loud, the obnoxious, those that noisily stake their claims in your territory and everywhere else they set foot on. This is the blueprint of a predator. Predators prey on gentleness, peace, calmness, sweetness and any positivity that they sniff out as weakness. Anything that is happy and at peace they mistake for weakness. It’s not your job to change these people, but it’s your job to show them that your peace and gentleness do not equate to weakness. I have always appeared to be fragile and delicate but the thing is, I am not fragile and I am not delicate. I am very gentle but I can show you that the gentle also possess a poison. I compare myself to silk. People mistake silk to be weak but a silk handkerchief can protect the wearer from a gunshot. There are many people who will want to befriend you if you fit the description of what they think is weak; predators want to have friends that they can dominate over because that makes them feel strong and important. The truth is that predators have no strength and no courage. It is you who are strong, and it is you who has courage. I have lost many a friend over the fact that when they attempt to rip me, they can’t. They accuse me of being deceiving; I am not deceiving, I am just made of silk. It is they who are stupid and wrongly take gentleness and fairness for weakness. There are many more predators in this world, so I want you to be made of silk. You are silk.”
― C. JoyBell C.



McKall was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri.  She moved to Los Angeles after university in pursuit of a certification in personal training and began working at a circuit training studio in Venice Beach, teaching high intensity classes and training private clients.

After an accidental broken foot left her unable to physically train with clients she refocused her energy on healing booth mentally, spiritually, and physically by rekindling her love for yoga. She decided to go to Bali to earn her 200 hour yoga certification.

While in Bali she fell in love with the culture, weather, and everything that Indonesia had to offer. After returning to the US for Christmas 2012 she taught yoga at CrossFit East Village in San Diego. By the following May her bags were packed and she was on a plane back to Bali where she taught yoga classes at Pondok Pitaya; held private/group sessions, as well as, holiday retreat weekends.

McKall traveled to India, the birthplace of yoga,where she studied at Rishikesh Yoga Peeth earning her 300 hour teacher training credentials.


Feel free to contact McKall to hostess a workshop at your retreat center or studio.