28 day squat challenge… it’s on!

It’s officially we are having our first timed challenge. I know all you ladies have been busty your butts at fitness studios working on those flawless bikini bodies and hopefully you’ve had a lot of success. It seems no matter how hard i train of heavy I lift I just can’t seem to attain that nice round “bounce a quarter of it” derrière. So I’ve decided to give myself a real challenge with a real goal and see how it turns out. I designed a 28 day squat/booty challenge to accompany my regular weekly work outs. The exercises are simple and can be done in your very own living room.

I will post the routine for the day, video demonstrations, and some pointers to make sure your alignment is correct to avoid any injury. The challenge officially begins September 1st. I’ll be posting reminders throughout the month. Please feel free to email over any questions you have or even before photos as I will be posting mine. Let’s bring the booty back!