5 Scientifically Proved Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life

A University of Rochester psychologist’s study showed that men rated women who wore a shade of crimson as more attractive. The hue of red helped alter th5 Scientifically Backed Ways to Spice up the Bedroom:

1. Practice your downward-facing dog.

A study in India showed that men looking to prolong their orgasm saw improvements after practicing yoga for an hour each day.

The study showed that men were able to triple the amount of time they lasted in the sack after taking up yoga.

The research concluded that the stretching and isometric holds in yoga improved core strength and pelvic muscle control, which helped prolong the time until the male orgasmed.


2. Add some purple into your bedroom.

People with purple bedding or furniture have more active sex lives, according to a new British study.

Those who embraced their passion for purple had 3.49 “intimate encounters” a week.

But apparently 50 shades of gray didn’t get people in the mood, because those with gray bedding only had 1.8 of these “intimate encounters.”


3. Ladies, order that glass of wine at dinner.

A study of Tuscan women revealed that females who drank one to two glasses of a wine a day had more fulfilling lives in the bedroom.

The study, conducted at the University of Florence, showed that females who drank had more satisfying sex lives compared to those who didn’t at all, but the study advised caution because of the unexplored world of female dysfunction in the bedroom.


4. Wear red if you want to land a partner in the first place.

It takes two to tango, after all.e male perception of how attractive the female was, but it didn’t change how they rated personality, intelligence, or competence.

“Men also were more likely to say they wanted to have sex with a woman and that they would be willing to spend more on a date if she were in red,” according to the report in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.


5. Check out a comedy show before hitting the sack.

Taking in a comedy show before you know you’re going for a romp in the sack can improve your sexual response during sex.

Laughing gets your blood pumping, spiking your heart rate and getting your cardiovascular system working, which all helps improves that activity you were doing in the bedroom, research showed.


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