Food Cravings Answered


We are all familiar with those pang, pang, pangs from your belly when it needs attention. But what about if you just ate? Maybe all you crave is sugar or super salty snack foods? What if no matter how much or how often you eat you still seem to be hungry? To get to the bottom of this conundrum we have to answer the real question here and ask ourselves what the underlying cause of these cravings are. Here are a few  reasons you feel like you have the belly blues.


Magnesium Deficiency

Craving: Salty Foods

salty foods

How/Why: It quickly depletes from the body through stress and exercise. Magnesium rich foods will help your body replenish without the need for extra supplementation.


What to eat: Chia seeds, pumkin seeds, almonds, dark leafy greens like spinach or kale….. AND three cheers for chocolate! Dark chocolate is a magnesium rich food needed to fight stress and responsible for over 200 enzymatic reactions in the body. Chocolate and dark leafy greens contain more magnesium than ANY other food! Enjoy!




Minerals Needed

Craving: Salty foods


How/Why: Your body is in need of magnesium, potassium, and electrolytes (potassium & sodium).


What to eat: No sodium vegetable broth, himalayan salt, avocado, bananas



Natural Carbohydrates

Craving: Sugar

Portrait of woman sitting on couch eating sweets

How/Why: The body needs fuel/energy


What to eat: Sweet veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, or roasted winter squash. Fruits like grape tomatoes or berries (also great source of antioxidants). If you’re craving cereal or cookies or candy bars try a small handful of nuts, seeds, or dried figs.



Protein Deficiency

Craving: More food, always hungry, more substance, or a “meal”.

Fork and lips

How/Why: If you have low blood sugar, constant fatigue, or are never full you may possibly be iron deficient. The body needs amino acids to help brain function, metabolism, and to regulate blood sugar or glucose (insulin) levels in the blood.


What to eat: Fish, nuts, seeds, or organic plain yogurt.


stress 2

Stress Levels

Craving: Time of day cravings hit around mid-morning, mid-afternoon, or late at night.


How/Why: Blood sugar levels dropping between meals, caffeine intake drops. and high stress points during the work day and/or the body wants to wind down & relax after work stress. Try to moderate caffeine, eliminate (refined) sugar, take a hot bath, do yoga or exercise, as well as, eating a clean diet. Recognize the times of day the cravings hit and deal with the stress instead of numbing it. Avoid watching tv or sitting at the computer. These rate breeding grounds for mindless eating and can not only cause you to eat out of boredom, but also overeat.



Healthy Fats

Craving: Hearty, dense foods. High calorie rich foods.


How/Why: Your body knows when its not getting proper nutrients. When it doesn’t, cravings stay strong b/c low fats, trans fats, processed fats are addictive but not nourishing. Getting quick healthy fats should calm cravings fast.


What to eat: Raw nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oils, olive oil, & flax oil. Coconut products like shreds, meat, and coconut butter. Pasteurized eggs and fish are both great  sources of rich vitamins, minerals, and omega-3’s.




Craving: Foods we eat regularly, possibly at the same time of day. Foods eaten in “secret” b/c it’s easy or fast.


How/Why: Out of routine and no longer out of thought…mindless eating, i.e. eating in front of the television or computer. Try to recognize these habits and replace them with a different reward. Rewards could be a new healthy snack or meal. hey could also be a ne habit like exercise, yoga, walking the dog, writing in a gratitude journal, calling a friend/family, stretching or doing something creative. Thinking about why and how these specific foods play into the habit may help you to not only recognize, but alter the habit.



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