5 Benefits of Giving Compliments


Compliments are one of those little amazing things in life, where if said sincerity can create such positive energy in an atmosphere it seems like magic. It can make people drop their defenses, feel comfortable, and literally begin to rewire not only their brains, but yours as well! Focusing positive things around you can literally change your perspective, as well as,  make those around you feel appreciated, valued, and even motivated. But remember if a compliment is not genuine it can easily backfire. It’s not difficult to spot faux flattery, it can make the receiver untrusting or even defensive. Avoid unintended suspicion by keeping your words sincere…. and a smile never hurts!


1. You can make someone’s day – Giving praise can help to motivate people to keep up the good work.  It shows, not only, that you notice when they have accomplished something praiseworthy, but value their praiseworthy efforts. People strive to do more of what brings praise from other people.


2. Positivity attracts positivity – Focus on other people’s strengths can not only make them feel all warm and gooey on the inside, but helps to rewire their brains in a positive way when thinking of you. They are more likely, not only to return the favor, but to share the good things happening in their own lives.


3. The love that you give equals the love that you get…. little gifts of love that cost nothing, yet can mean so much!


4. Focus our attention on the positive things we see in others helps to keep our own outlook on the world a little more bright. Helping to boost our moods and create a positive atmosphere around us.


5. The art of a compliment is a great social skill. Knowing how to give a genuine, heart-felt compliment is a powerful and fundamental tool in all relationships, especially business or networking. They can escalate the positivity in an environment immediately,  helping to lubricate the flow of conversation.



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